Support HTI's New Headquarters in Fylde

Our plans for a new manufacturing headquarters in Kirkham, Fylde.

HTI has a legacy of creating joy filled moments through the toys manufactured at our current factory on the Fylde Coast. However, our operations have outgrown the current site and we need to relocate to a new headquarters.

Our plans for the new manufacturing site will deliver a £30 million investment in Fylde, safeguarding local jobs and offer 75 additional skilled jobs.

However, there is a risk that we may have to move away from the Fylde Coast, risking jobs and investment in Fylde. That’s why we need your support today!

By bringing this new site in Fylde forward we will:

  • Safeguard existing jobs
  • Offer more than 75 state-of-the-art manufacturing jobs
  • Continue our long standing legacy on the Fylde Coast
  • Invest more than £30m in the local economy

If you want to see our plans become a reality, it is important to let Fylde Borough Council know.

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