Support plans for a new retirement village in Chelford

A planning application has been submitted to Cheshire East Council to deliver an exciting new integrated care village in Chelford, set in landscaped gardens, parkland and woodland. The plans propose a brand new care home accommodating 60 care beds and 14 additional close care units in a new “village” centre, replacing Holly Tree House.  72 additional extra care apartments, suitable for older people looking to downsize, but with access to ‘care on tap’, will also be created within its grounds. The accommodation will be targeted at those aged 60+.

The proposals will deliver a number of wider community benefits, such as the creation of two woodland walkways to the north of Holly Tree House, set either side of an existing bridle path.  A new safe footpath will also be created on Pepper Street, running from the site to Knutsford Road (A537), allowing local residents to explore the nearby countryside more safely.

If you support the plans and want to help make these a reality, it’s important to let Cheshire East Council know. Please take a moment to fill in the form below explaining why you support the plans.

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