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This web page has been created to provide you with more information about St. Modwen Homes’ plans for the delivery of Phase 2D of the Bramshall Meadows development.

It explains why we are re-planning this Phase, and allows you the opportunity to view our plans and provide your feedback.


Planning permission for 700 new homes at Bramshall Meadows was granted by East Staffordshire Borough Council in 2015. To date, just over 300 of the 700 new homes have been built, with the remainder of the new homes to be delivered during the coming years.

The first phase of the development includes 250 of the 700 new homes and is nearly complete. The second phase of the development, which includes the remaining 450 homes, has commenced and is divided into five separate areas, referred to as Phases 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D and 2E. These five areas can be seen on the plan provided below. Phase 2A has been built and St. Modwen Homes are currently on site delivering Phases 2B and 2E.

Phase 2D sits centrally within the Bramshall Meadows development, between Phases 2A and 2E.

In addition to the new homes, the planning permission provided for a range of required supporting infrastructure, including a new school, green spaces, play areas, a local centre, as well as the delivery of a new spine road through the development and new pedestrian, cycle and public transport routes. 

The planning permission also included separate arrangements for the delivery of new sports pitches, including the option to either deliver new sports pitches within the Bramshall Meadows development, or to instead provide the Council with a sum of money to be invested in new facilities at the Uttoxeter Quarry Hub as part of a more comprehensive recreational development in that location.

Following discussions with the Council, St. Modwen Homes have provided the required sum of money towards facilities at the Uttoxeter Quarry Hub. The Quarry Hub has been identified by the Council as a key site, focused on developing football provision and other community uses. Therefore, it is felt that the investment in this location, rather than at Bramshall Meadows, would be of benefit to a greater number of people within Uttoxeter, as well as a number of sports clubs and organisations within the town.

In turn, St. Modwen Homes are now re-planning Phase 2D of the Bramshall Meadows development, which also includes the area where the sports pitches would have been delivered if they were provided on site.

What is happening on Phase 2D?

Our latest proposed site layout for Phase 2D is provided below

The proposals would deliver 137 new homes alongside more public open space and play space. As this is a re-plan of Phase 2D, it should be noted that 81 of the new homes within Phase 2D have previously been approved in Phase 2D under the earlier planning permission but, with the sports pitches now being delivered at Quarry Hub, the re-plan proposals would result in 56 additional new homes.

The proposals will include a mix and range of new homes including smaller homes and family housing, as well as new affordable homes. It is also anticipated that the additional homes will make their own contribution to the Quarry Hub scheme and any other required infrastructure improvements that may be necessary.

Your Views

Engaging with the community

On Thursday 7th April we invited residents and stakeholders to join us on an online webinar, where we provided an update on our plans and answered questions.   

The video below is a recording of the webinar.  

If you have any further comments or questions please get in touch via


Frequently Asked Questions

We currently anticipate that the construction of the new houses, if approved, will commence toward the end of 2022 and the start of 2023. However this is subject to change and St Modwen will seek to keep the community appraised of the projected timeline for construction. 

The aim is to retain and incorporate the existing trees and boundary landscaping within the site. They will provide the focus to new open green spaces within the development and ensure that strong buffer landscaping is retained where the development adjoins existing residents.

Access will be taken from within the existing Bramshall Meadows development. This will apply to both construction vehicles and future occupiers. No vehicle access will be created from Tunnicliffe Drive for any purpose. The pedestrian access between Tunnicliffe Drive and Bramshall Meadows will be retained.

The UK is facing a national housing crisis and new homes are needed to help meet the growing demand. The re-planning of Phase 2D provides an opportunity for much needed new housing including affordable homes to be delivered in Uttoxeter, alongside the infrastructure, new green play and recreation spaces that are being delivered across the wider Bramshall Meadows development.

A planning application will be submitted to East Staffordshire Borough Council in April 2022. Once the application has been received by the Council, the Authority will hold its own period of statutory consultation. We anticipate that the application would be determined by the Council within approximately 13 weeks from receipt

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