Northstone’s plans for new homes at Trough Laithe, Barrowford

Please take a moment to fill in the form below explaining why you support the plans. Any comments you make may be made public on the council’s planning portal. 

This is a platform for supporters, therefore all supportive messages will be redirected to the local authority on your behalf. Copies of your correspondence will also be stored securely by Lexington Communications on behalf of Northstone.

When writing your reasons for supporting the plans please try and provide as much information as possible.

Would you also be willing to attend the Planning Committee meeting to show your support?

The Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee will determine Northstone’s plans for 243 homes at Trough Laithe, west of Barrowford, on Thursday 5th March 2020. The meeting will be held at Holmfield House in Barrowford (located on Gisburn Road, adjacent to Barrowford Library) and will commence at 7pm.

If you would like to attend the meeting, please complete the form below. You will be contacted in advance to confirm when and where to meet, just so that all supporters can sit together and have a chat beforehand!

To help persuade members of the Committee to approve the plans, we are also looking for volunteers to say a few words about why they support the application during the meeting. This can be as many or as few words as you wish, and we can provide guidance and support if this would be helpful. Again, just check the relevant box below if you would consider doing this and we’ll be in touch with you.

Thank you for your support.

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