Our vision is to deliver a highly sustainable riverside community that will breathe new life into an abandoned brownfield site and help meet the Wirral’s housing needs. 

We are excited to deliver a range of new high-quality and energy efficient housing, including homes suitable for families and first-time buyers, as well as providing purpose-built accommodation for older people. With new sustainable transport links, green spaces to play and relax, and enhancing local biodiversity, we want Bromborough Wharf to offer multiple community benefits, to both existing and potential residents. 

If you want to this delivered, you can let the Council know by completing the form. Your voice matters, so let it be heard!

When filling out the form please explain why you support the plans, showing the Council there is a real local need for new homes, otherwise there is a risk that the development will not be approved.

This is a platform for supporters. We will make sure to submit your supportive comments to the Council on your behalf.

You can find out more about the plans on our dedicated website: Bromborough Wharf

By completing and submitting your personal data, you agree that your details can be passed to the Local Planning Authority as part of the planning application process. You understand that the Local Planning Authority may make these details public in association with this planning application and that the information may be viewed as part of the inquiry process.

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